How to properly maintain your paver patio stone

How to Properly maintain your paver patios

Patios make a huge difference in your home's curb appeal. You want them to stay nice so they don't have a negative impact on outdoor Patios and Home Value .  pavers are very durable and Solid especially concrete pavers, The Color will change for period of time , the Gap between joints might extend ore move a little bit especially During Cold season in Colorado . Overall, cleaning your pavers properly maybe the first thing to do —Second - Renew The joint sand between pavers , Make sure done it properly , or the glue on the sand will make it worse . The sand Will keep the joints from weeds growing also sealing the gaps between pavers You can definitely Power wash it to make it look a little bit better before apply Sand . Read the instruction before apply any sand or sealing to it, these cleaning chemical sometimes works for natural or manufacture stones ,   Then remove any weeds or brush from the area. Next, make sure to seal chips, repair damaged grout lines, and replace any broken pavers

Overall , The method has to be done regularly in order to keep these expensive stones in a good shape - Monthly recommended . 

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