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2022 Service Contract
It's spring 2022, We are sending out this letter to ask for spring lawn services also Weekly Mowing Schedule. Please check and and confirm the service so we can set up the schedule for it.
Please initial services below and send it back to us or email us to ask for quote or set up schedule for it.
Please Select the services
- (2.9% Online Service fee is applied for services this year and will be added to invoice.
( example Mowing $30 Online service fee applied would be $30.87 )
- Please send us an Email to receive a link and sign up for online payment.
- ( $15) will be applied for late payment - it's convenient adding your card on file ( setup autopay ) the payment will run automatic when invoice sent out and after service is completed.
- Please act promptly for services you would like to schedule early this spring that would help us set up the weekly mowing schedule for this year.

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